My Life as a Learner

The very first real big memory I have of myself growing as a learner is from when I was four years old. My two older brothers were already in school (one in fourth grade, the other in first). I wanted to go to school so badly like them, so my grandma who watched me during the day hired someone to come teach me for an hour a day while they were at school. I absolutely loved this. I loved being challenged and feeling like a big kid. This is when I first fell in love with learning.

3372503136_a6e7c18f3c_mphoto CC- By Jeremy Wilburn

In first grade, I got pulled out of my class and told I was going to do some tests to see how much higher I was in reading and math than my grade level. This was extremely exciting for me. After I tested, I learned that I would be pulled out of my classroom every day during reading and math with four other kids from my grade to do advanced stuff that was more at our level. This was a huge reinforcer for me because it was exciting to know I was really smart and to know that I would be challenged and not just sitting in class bored. I was pulled out with these same kids all throughout elementary school.

2220267854_532f9d35df_mPhoto CC- By Ryan McGilchrist

When fifth grade hit, I had my first bad experience that really damaged my love for learning. My teacher was terrible. She was unfair. She played favorites and unfortunately I was not one of them. This really hurt my love for learning because I would go home crying a lot and it made me not want to go to school. Luckily, I was still being pulled out every day for reading and math, which reminded me that I do like school and I do enjoy learning, I just did not like my current teacher.

1677426833_c31dfc8d40_m Photo CC- By Luke Addison

My junior year of high school was a huge year for me as a learner. That is when I met the best teacher I have ever had to experience of learning from. He taught English. He is the reason that I want to be a teacher. He was professional, fun, caring, and you could see the love and passion for what he did in him and it was so inspiring. It inspired me to pursue what I love and find that passion, which also happened to be school.

2072134438_bb943459a8_mPhoto CC- By Luis de Bethencourt

Being in college and choosing my courses and having my dream of teaching becoming more of a reality to me has made me more excited and more passionate for what I am going to do. I can’t wait to teach children and ignite their curiosity and show them how great learning can be like my  family and teachers taught me.

248876814_219df97e13_mPhoto CC- By Chris Sudderman


4 thoughts on “My Life as a Learner”

  1. It sounds like you had some great teachers in your life. It is those teachers that make great teachers out of their students. Like the saying my grandma used to say “children are seeds and with great teachers that love, care and want children to succeed the seed grows into a great, wonderful teacher themselves.” I have always thought that this was true. Now that I have see what your wrote about your experience’s my grandma was right. Keep heading in the right direction and you will become a great teacher too just like your high school one that inspired you.


    1. I have never heard that saying but I really like it! I think your grandmother was so right when she said that because that is exactly what happened in my case. I really hope that I can become a great teacher like my English teacher someday. He was such an inspiration.

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  2. How awesome that your grandma recognized your desire to learn and made that happen for you! Your post really makes me think about the importance of relationships in learning. When we have teachers who care about us, we want to learn.


    1. I agree with you! This really ties back to what we learned this week about passion in teaching. My teacher’s passion definitely rubbed off on me, but I have been passionate about learning since the beginning anyways.


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