Learn to Cook!

I’ve sat here thinking about the Independent Learning Project this whole week. I have pondered and pondered, trying to decide what I want to learn. This should be an easy decision because there is such free reign, but that is what has made it hard for me. There are so many things I want to learn about; there are so many possibilities.My guidelines I had for myself when I was trying to choose were pretty simple. I wanted something I am passionate about and I wanted something that would help me in some way as a teacher and would be useful knowledge.

My first thought was the Holocaust. I really enjoy Holocaust documentaries. It was such a tragic but important event in history. Broadening my knowledge about the Holocaust would help me as a teacher because it is so important and having a deeper knowledge of it would help me talk about it with students etc. However, I decided against this because I’m going for Elementary Education rather than Secondary where you would be able to get into deeper discussion with your students about it.

holocaustPhoto CC: By Nikos Koutoulas

A lot of other ideas passed through my mind. I thought learning Spanish and becoming more fluent since I know a little bit, but I didn’t know how much I would use that since I plan to stay in Sheridan County to teach. I also thought about learning random facts because that would be fun to share with students and to know a little bit about a whole bunch of different things. But, I didn’t know if I would actually retain that many of them and if they would ever be extremely useful since I don’t plan on going on any game shows or anything.

Finally, I landed on cooking. I want to learn to be a better cook and broaden my horizon of what I can make. I will do all different sorts of things. I’m excited for this because it will be fun, rewarding for me, and I can share lots of pictures with you all and provide you with hopefully some really yummy recipes. I will use cookbooks I have, recipe cards from my grandmother and great grandmother as well as Pinterest! Earlier I mentioned I wanted something that I could use in my classroom in the future? Well, cooking can involve teamwork, experimentation, math, reading, and all of that! Maybe my class will cook sometimes. If not, I can always bring in yummy things I make and give my students a little brain food. 😉

recipePhoto CC: By Peppysis


6 thoughts on “Learn to Cook!”

  1. Hi! I loved your post! This sounds like something I should take up doing! I need to cook more 😦 But I am happy you are going to take this on! You will do great!! I think that you are on the right track with how to involved this into the classroom, this is amazing! I can’t wait to hear what you start to cook 🙂 Good Luck!


  2. I’m really excited that a couple of people in class are focusing on cooking. I love to cook but often don’t feel that inspired with what I’m making so I’m hoping to discover some new recipes and techniques from you! And I know just what you mean about how selecting a project can be overwhelming when there’s total freedom. I enjoyed reading about your thinking process as you narrowed your focus.


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