Looks Aren’t Everything

The TED Talks video I chose was by Cameron Russell and is called “Look’s Aren’t Everything. Believe Me, I’m a Model”. The reason I chose this one is because I have seen a lot of the other ones that were on the most popular TED Talks list, but also because it caught my attention since I haven’t seen a talk like that before on TED Talks.

makeupPhoto CC: By Maria Carolina Canejo

“Looks Aren’t Everything. Believe Me, I’m a Model” made me kind of sad. Cameron pointed out that she gets a lot of free things in life just because of her looks. She has gotten out of speeding tickets and has even gotten free dresses because she got her wallet. On the flip side of that, some people are getting punished for their looks; like all of the non white people in New York who get searched when white people rarely do. It is really upsetting that that is the way our society works.

It is also sad that being a model is something most little girls dream of. It is a glorified job, that isn’t actually so awesome according to Cameron. People look at models as perfect bodies and lucky and would do anything to be like them. But, in reality, even models are insecure. Maybe even more so than your every day people because every single day they have to think about how they look. They have to let people fix their appearance with makeup and hairspray every day because the way they are naturally is almost not good enough.

This TED Talks is really powerful. It is so sad, but it has such a strong message. I think that this TED Talks should be shown to girls. Maybe by their parents, maybe when they get “the talk” in fifth or sixth grade. Either way, it should be shown. It really puts into perspective that no one is perfect and everyone has their flaws. Being a model isn’t all that great when there are so many other things you could be doing like going to college to make a difference in the world rather than be on the cover of a magazine. Just because you aren’t “model material” doesn’t mean you are less of a person. It doesn’t mean that you can’t accomplish great things and make a difference in the world and become known. Being a model shouldn’t be every girl’s dreams because there is more to life than your appearance.


8 thoughts on “Looks Aren’t Everything”

  1. This is a powerful TED Talk. It would be difficult to be a model & just be constantly judged on your looks. I have insecurities but being told that I wasn’t skinny enough or that my skin wasn’t flawless would only hurt worse hearing it from modeling agencies. And I agree with you that little girls need to aspire to be more than a pretty face, we need to be raising strong girls to be assets to society. (Not that models aren’t assets..I don’t mean that. I mean a small portion of society can be models so raising girls to find a life-long career would be beneficial.) Great TED Talk find!


  2. This TED talk really will open girls eyes. Today girls are seeing models on t.v., magazines, billboards, etc. saying that if you are skinny, beautiful, tall, etc., you will be happy. This is so not true Cameron really says it all that models are the most insecure people out there. I have to agree with you that this TED talk needs to be seen by girls, parents, teachers, everyone who thinks that beauty is everything in this life. These people are so wrong.


  3. Just like every teenage girl, I struggled a ton with how I looked, and I wish I could have realized the fact that looks aren’t everything, especially because, I know it’s cliched, but everyone is beautiful, as long as they actively work to make themselves the best version of themselves they can be. I have a hard time judging who is traditionally attractive and who is not, because people who have amazing passion for what they love, people who are kind to you even if they don’t know you, have such amazing poise, grace, and beauty, that it’s hard to find anything ugly about them. Society as a whole may be concerned with looks, but we don’t have to be society– we can make our own decisions based on our perceptions of the world.


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