Passion Based Learning

The two articles I chose to read on passion based learning were “21st Century Education, Part One: Passion” by AZJD and “Passion-Based Learning” by Ainissa Ramirez, and they were both spot on with how important passion is when it comes to education.They both speak of the importance for educators to have passion and pass it along to the students in order for the the best learning to happen.

One thing that Ramirez pointed out that I really liked and agreed with was the fact that there are two ways to get a child to be passionate about something: Find out what they are innately passionate about, or be really passionate about it yourself and your passion will be contagious and infect the students. This is really important for teachers to realize because a lot of kids are not passionate about everything in school, but that doesn’t mean that you will always have to drag them through it. If you as a teacher are passionate and show them how great something is and how much you love it, they will give it a chance and start to be passionate about it too.

However, Ramirez also pointed out that you need to be vulnerable while being passionate. Go back and think how the students are thinking. I know from personal experience that a lot of teachers have lost my attention when they talk over my head and can’t “dumb things down” for the students. It’s easy to forget what it’s like to not know something and be learning for the first time, especially at the elementary level. But it is so important to try your best to be vulnerable with the students and start slowly and be patient.

Before reading these articles, I understood that you need to be passionate about what you do no matter what it is, including teaching. I understood that the best teachers love what they do. They love the content, they love teaching the students, they are passionate about every aspect. However, these articles really reinforced that for me. They were a good reminder that if I am going to be the best teacher I can, I need to have a burning passion for everything I do. These articles are definitely something I will print off for the future and keep somewhere so every now and again I stumble upon them and can be reminded to never let my passion fade and never be afraid to show just how much passion I have for the students and for teaching.

4101971040_9dae655973_mPhoto CC: By briety


4 thoughts on “Passion Based Learning”

  1. Wow, I really enjoyed reading your take on this topic. Passion-based learning is absolutely brilliant. I enjoyed your take on it. I’m hoping that when I become a teacher I will be able to look through my students eyes and help them learn and become passionate about wanting to succeed.


  2. I also thought that these were great ways to reinforce passion-based learning. The most essential piece in all of the articles is to find that passion within ourselves so we can show the students & it will help them find their own passion. Great job here!


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