Learn to Cook: Beef Stew and Bread Bowls

This week I decided to make beef stew and bread bowls. My reasoning behind my choice is because here it has been in the sixties and seventies, so winter is ending soon, which means no more soup for a couple months since it will be too hot! I got my beef stew recipe from Pinterest (you can find it here) as well as my bread bowl recipe, which can be found here. For both of these recipes, I didn’t have to buy too many groceries because I had some of the stuff just laying around my house. In total I spent about twenty five dollars and I have leftovers for days.


When I got home, I started with the beef stew. I just followed the directions (except I cut everything in half because I was the only person who was going to be eating this. I still ended making way too much!) It was really simple and took me about fifteen minutes to get it all put in the crockpot. I left it in there for five-ish hours.


When the stew had been in for about four and a half hours is when I started making the bread bowls. I cut that recipe in half also so I only had two bread bowls rather than four. When looking at the recipe, I noticed it was really plain so I decided to add some basil and some garlic to it. I did learn a lesson the hard way while making these. When a recipe says put a damp towel over it, don’t use paper towel! It stuck to the dough so bad and it took me about fifteen minutes to pick it all off!


Here is the final result! It looks great, huh? I was a little disappointed in the stew to be honest with you. It called for brown gravy mix to thicken it up, and I could really taste it. I didn’t like that. If I make this again, I will definitely be using something else. However, it was decent, and if you are a brown gravy fan you would probably love it. The bread bowl was awesome. They seemed so small, but the bread is really filling, so if they were any bigger I think a lot of food would be wasted. I am really glad I decided to add the garlic and basil to them because it made it sooo good. I used the bread I dug out of the middle to dip in the stew and it was awesome. If you’re going to make a soup sometime soon (I think cheesy potato or cheesy broccoli would go great) you should definitely make these bread bowls. It is definitely worth the time put into them!




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