Personal Learning Networks


Picture CC: By Caronline Bucky

Personal learning networks are for making connections, sharing ideas and collaborating, learning, and share their diverse and global perspectives. The types of personal learning networks I am interested in are for education, specifically elementary. When using professional learning networks you can seek advice, trade best practices, and network with other professionals. A lot of common places to find PLNs are places such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc.

As a future teacher, I find personal learning networks really important. You are never done growing as a teacher and becoming better and better at what you do; especially since things in the education world are constantly changing. Personal learning networks provide you with a way to keep up on the latest news. You can hear many opinions from other professionals and collaborate with them on issues. This collaboration can help you solve issues, think outside of the box, and broaden your knowledge.

There is so much to learn from professional learning networks. People share their ideas and the new greatest things that they have found. Teachers share websites and tools they use. You  can get lesson plan advice from master teachers. The ways to learn from PLNs are infinite.

To build my professional learning networks, I will follow people on Twitter and Google+. I am on my Google account for school a lot so if I join some PLNs there I will constantly be there reading stuff. I will also dig deeper into them and read a lot of discussions, get the apps and look at the websites that are suggested, and even comment and ask questions despite the fact that I am only a pre-service teacher as of right now.

Building my professional learning network will definitely have it’s challenges though. I am going to spend a lot of time reading before I decide to join/follow any because I don’t want to be following anything that will be a lot of junk and not give me reliable information and resources. Also, it might be a bit overwhelming at first to have such a huge news feed and have so much to keep up on, but that will pass as time goes on because I will get used to it.

I am really excited to begin building my professional learning network because I want to be the best teacher I can be and this is just another way to keep gaining knowledge and keep up to date. It is going to be really awesome to be able to hear the ideas and utilize the shared resources of teachers from all over.


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