Daily Create Challenge

Day 1: What do creative hands look like?

2015-02-11 00.25.51

Day 2: What’s your superpower?

Time manipulation.

2015-02-11 23.41.04

Day 3: Creative Family Tree

Mine is hard to see, but my family is divorced (hence the lightning resulting in a split tree)

2015-02-12 04.14.53

Day 4: Internet Arcade Video

Hangman Video

Day 5: Play With Your Food

Banana Pepper Ring


Day 6: Coffee Stain Drawings


Day 7: Down Memory Lane

When I was seven, my mom was driving us all the way from southern Colorado to western Nebraska to see my grandparents. It got to be late because it was an eleven hour drive. We stopped at a gas station for drinks and in my groggy state, I did not realize that my stuffed monkey had fallen out of the car. I didn’t realize until we got all the way to Nebraska. You see, this monkey was very special to me. My uncle had given it to me when I was in the hospital in second grade. This monkey made everything seem okay again. I was so torn up and thought that my monkey was gone forever. However, about a week later my grandma gave me a monkey. He looked the exact same. To this day, I don’t know if it is the same monkey or if somehow she found one that looked the exact same. Either way, that day I learned that nothing is gone forever. Everything finds it’s way back home. I learned that sometimes you just have to be patient and wait for things to happen. That is why this memory is so important to me.

Day 8: Tree Me


Day 9: B&A


Day 10:  What Five Things Give You Joy?

Five Things That Make Me Happy Video

Day 11: Are You Up For Some Emojination?


Day 12: Teal Blue and Orange!


Day 13: A unique #heelconcept

2015-03-29 15.16.09

Day 14: Fast Fiction

When I was in junior high, I got this new sweatshirt. I wore it a lot, but then I lost it. When I got into high school, I found it again. Our closeness grew and it became my favorite sweatshirt. It became my comfort, my warmth, my go to. I’ve been out of high school and I’ve gotten new sweatshirts since then, but this particular one is still my favorite. I do not wear it as much, but when I do, it always fits just like it did last time; which is perfect. Even though we always buy new clothes, this sweatshirt will always be my favorite and I will never get rid of it.

Day 15: Star Trek Face Palm Appreciation


Day 16: In Praise of Limitations

When I had my first teaching experience, my limitations pushed me to be the most creative I can be. That is because I had limited practice. Everyone I was partner teaching with was a year ahead of me at least. Everyone seeing me as lesser than them, not as good of a teacher, and inexperienced, pushed me to be creative and do the best I could.

Day 17: What I still need, What I must have

2015-03-29 15.33.49

Day 18: My Different Sides


Day 19: Your Favorite Moment in the Past Week

2015-03-29 15.42.09

Day 20: How Music Has Changed Your Life

Music is for all the friends’ nights

Music is for all the times we sing

Music always helps me survive, music is what brings me to life

Music is always on the city street

Music plays when my love and I first meet

Oh, music, I do believe

Music is all we need,

Day 21: Create a Lesson


Day 22: A Dream Staircase


Day 23: Junk Mail Art


Day 24: Arty Blur Photo


Day 25: Rainy Day 1

As the rain fell,

My mood fell too

As if I were dripping down into a puddle.

I was trapped in the house by a prison of wetness.

Soon a knock came on my door,

My mood rose up

As if I were evaporating to the clouds.

He pulled me outside

And we danced in a blanket of rain.

Day 26: Rainy Day 2

Rainy Day Audio

Day 27: Breakfast Selfie


Day 28: A 15 Second Create

2015-03-29 16.21.51

Day 29: Words Of Wisdom


Day 30: Fingerprint Art



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