How To Cook: Steak and Potatoes

This week, my boyfriend and two of our other friends came over, so I decided to cook for them. I decided to make steak and potatoes. I did not follow any specific recipe or anything, I kind of just my own thing and took advice from my boyfriend.


I started off my marinating the steaks with this; Lawry’s Steak & Chop marinating sauce. I the steaks sit in this sauce in the fridge for about twenty minutes. I would have done longer, but the boys were hungry so I was running out of time.


Meanwhile, I washed and chopped up the potatoes and put them in tin foil. I was going to add onion, but we forgot to pick some up. You could peel them, but I chose not to because I like the skin left on. I then added a little bit of garlic powder and salt and pepper to them. Then, I wrapped them in tin foil so I could put them on the grill. The grill was turned up really high for them.


After putting them on the grill, I got the steaks out. I turned the heat down on the grill and put them on as well. I let them cook for five minutes on one side and then four minutes on the other side.



This was the finished project, and it was delicious! Everyone was impressed. The potatoes were perfect. I have never had potatoes like this, but I am glad that my boyfriend made the suggestion. The steaks were pretty good, but they were done. Which, I am perfectly fine with that, but my guests would have preferred if they were medium. I thought that that was how I was cooking them. I did not think to give the grill time to cool down that much though after I turned the heat down. So, they were cooking at a higher temperature than I thought.

I’m really learning a lot from my independent learning project. I have learned that it is fun and can be very rewarding to not always follow recipes to a T and to just do your own thing and do what sounds good. I am having lots of fun with this and I cannot wait for the following weeks!


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