Learn To Cook: Crab Legs

Crab is something I have never cooked. Actually, I have never even tried crab. I have always been hesitant because I am not a huge fan of fish, and the only seafood that I have tried and liked is calamari. But, why not try something new? That way I can at least say that I have tried and know I do or do not like it rather than just assuming.

What made me choose crab was random. My boyfriend and I were walking through the supermarket and we just noticed that they had some. I started inquiring about them and how they could be good because we are in Wyoming so it is not fresh or anything. That conversation prompted me to try it. I had no idea where to begin. So, I just Googled “how to cook crab legs”. I think it was Wikihow that I ended up looking at. The directions were fairly simple. Just boil them. So, when we got home, that is what I did.


They look gross. I got a little anxious and a little hesitant to be completely honest with you, because I am not one to try new foods. But, I was already cooking it so now I was locked into trying it. So, I began the butter. I used unsalted butter because that is what WikiHow told me to use.


To melt the butter without burning it, I put it in the little put. Then put some water in a bigger pot and put the little pot into the big pot. This way the water warming up melted the butter instead of direct heat, which would burn it.

After awhile, the crab legs were done and they actually smelled good! I was really surprised and I got excited to try them. Eating was definitely the longest process of this whole thing. We did not have nut crackers or anything so we resorted to using our fingers and pliers. Ha. I definitely demolished a few legs and ended up having to peel off the outside just to get to the meet. But, by the end of it all I got the hang of it and was looking like a professional.

This cooking was more simple so you may not want to use it since I did not provide a recipe or anything, but this week was the most important week I have had so far as a learner because I learned trying new things even when you don’t necessarily want to can be good and it never hurts to try!


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