Digital Citizenship Issues and Concerns

In this class, we have talked a lot about digital citizenship. We have discussed what the definition is and what it means to us personally. We have talked about the importance of it and the benefits of it. However, until now, we have not really discussed the issues and concerns regarding digital citizenship. After reading a lot of information on it, I do see some concerning things with it.

When it comes to schools being responsible for teaching digital citizenship, there are so many pros and cons, how do you know if it is worth it or not? In one hand, schools should be responsible for that because they are the ones putting technology into every child’s hand and there is so much cyber bullying happening that is brought into schools that schools need to fight it, but how much time spent on it is too much? And how do you know that all the teachers are knowledgeable enough and qualified enough to be teaching students about this? If you look here, you can see that Dan Hasler says that social media is done wrong in schools in these three main ways;

“1. Driving lessons would be taught by adults (teachers or parents) with little or no experience of driving.

2. Driving lessons would only focus on what not to do.

3. Driving lessons would NEVER take place in an actual car.”

I completely agree with Hasler on these three main ideas of his. It is not okay that some schools are doing things this way when they probably recognize it is not right, but they do not change it. So, why are they wasting the time on it?

The other issue I have found from reading blogs like Living Our Lives Online and The Digital Citizen Survival Kit, I have gotten the impression that many schools leave it up to the teachers individually to teach their class on digital citizenship. I did not get the sense that there are any guidelines given by the school or anything saying that you absolutely have to teach digital citizenship. I do not think this is good because some teachers may skip over it, some may over kill it. Students may get confused because teachers’ opinions will vary from year to year, especially if there is a great age variance in teachers at the school.

So, basically my concerns are just that schools do not really have guidelines and set teachers loose to teach it completely on their own, or when they do have schoolwide things for it, when has it been too much time spend? (Because you could easily spend the whole school year teaching digital citizenship to students trying to stop bullying and preventing bad things).


2 thoughts on “Digital Citizenship Issues and Concerns”

  1. I agree with you that many schools leave it up the teachers to teach digital citizenship, and that many teachers don’t really know what to teach about it. It the things that they are teaching right/wrong/safe/smart etc. We as future teachers need to see what guidelines the schools can sit for teaching digital citizenship. This is only the first step.


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