Googling Myself

When I Googled myself, I was surprised with how much showed up. There were things about me and there were things that were other people with similar names as me.

The first things I looked at were under the web tab in Google. A search to Facebook profiles showed up (but mine was not in there). White Pages showed up with phone numbers of people with the same name as me. Luckily, none of my information was on there either. So, really the only thing that was on the web tab that had to do with me were my two twitter accounts. This is okay though because I never used one of them so there is nothing on it, and the other one is strictly for this class so it is all very professional and does not have any personal information on it.

When looking at the images on Google after typing in my name, I was surprised how many pictures there were of different people. I looked and looked and only found one of me, which makes me happy. It is just of my face and my profile picture on twitter. I am really glad there are not a bunch of pictures of me on Google.

When I looked at news, videos, and the other tabs, nothing popped up that pertained to me. I think this is because I do not post many things on the internet and I certainly keep my things like Facebook very, very private. I even tried adding my middle name and re-looking through the tabs and found that there was actually less information on me when I did that.

From what popped up when I typed in my name, I think my online identity does not say much about me besides that I am either a private person or not a person who really relies on technology. My online identity does not say anything bad about me, but it doesn’t say anything good necessarily. I am really okay with that though because I would much rather have future employers get to know me personally than finding out information from the internet that may portray me as someone other than who I really am.


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