Digital Activism

After reading all of the digital activism articles, I was really surprised with how much I have learned. The 6 Activist Functions of Technology was a really good article to begin with because I knew nothing about digital activism. This article  taught me a little bit about what it is and how exactly people use the internet to do what when it comes to activism.  After learning a little bit about what activism was, I was able to look deeper into how teens are using digital activism, the effectiveness of it, and key issues that have been considered.

Personally, I have never really taken part of digital activism, but it is amazing to learn that all of these teens are using things like twitter and facebook and all sorts of social media to be a part of activist movements. They are tweeting, sharing, blogging, etc. I think that all of these things teens are becoming a part of are very effective because it is being shared with tons of people and sparking other people to join on the activist wagon. Teens are doing a great job of paying attention to issues that effect them like depression, eating disorders, bullying, and all of those things that effect lives of a lot of people they know and maybe even themselves. Eleni is a teen that is an activist that is involved with all of these important issues.


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