Using Technology Mindfully

After viewing Paul Miller talk about quitting the internet for a year, reading Simplify the Internet, and reading What Happens When Teens Try to Disconnect From Tech for Three Days, one major idea stood out to me. It is the idea that being mindful of your technology use is necessary, but  completely disconnecting is not necessarily good.  All three of these sources talked about the pros of not using technology, like being able to have a deeper and more meaningful with people face to face. However, there were also downfalls like missing out on events, not being able to share things with friends, etc. That is why I say being mindful is the best way to handle technology. You can’t live on it so much that face to face interaction becomes meaningless. But, in today’s day and age, technology is everywhere and so many people use it, that if we don’t keep up, we are going to miss out on a lot.

For me personally, I would say that the majority of the time, I use technology mindfully. I was raised that there are no phones at dinner, so even now when I am out with friends, I do not look at my cell phone unless it is to see who is calling me. I also try to put it away when I am with my friends or boyfriend because they are the priority, not my phone. However, when I am alone or waiting for something, I am always on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest trying to keep up. I could do without Instagram, but Facebook is how I keep in the loop about what is happening in the family since I have such a large one. Usually when I use Pinterest, I am using it as a resource for recipes for dinner or for activities for the kids that I teach. So, I think I have an excuse to sometimes use Facebook and Pinterest.

I think more people need to realize that when you around people, you need to interact face to face. That is when it is time to stop multi tasking. It is so important to put down technology and interact and have conversations and give our loved ones our full attention because someday they might not be around, and we will regret not giving them our undivided attention. We will lose that closeness and that connection to people face to face if we don’t mindfully use technology. That is what we can learn from all three of the sources above. It is okay to be technologically advanced, but it is important to know when and where it is okay to use it, and when it is time to put it away for a little while.


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