Blog Audit

At first, I was not very excited to have to blog so frequently for this class. I am a very introverted person. I do not like to share my personal thoughts publicly, especially when a whole bunch of my classmates will be reading and critically analyzing me. However, I think having to blog and tweet and really discuss my feelings, share my learnings from me independent learning project has really helped me break away from that; especially because all of my classmates were nothing but supportive with my independent learning project. I definitely felt absolutely no judgement towards me or my mistakes what so ever.

In my blogs, I mostly wrote about what we were assigned. I also wrote about how I went about my cooking project for the week with my independent learning project. I also tried to incorporate my personal thoughts, suggestions, and how this could be relevant to me in my teaching career.

Over the past fifteen weeks, I would say yes, the nature of my writing has definitely changed. It may not be very obvious to other people but myself, but I can definitely tell a change in my writing. First off, the time it took me to write was shortened. It is not because my typing got faster or anything like that. I think it is because I was more comfortable with sharing my thoughts and got more comfortable with just typing whatever I thought and going with it. The other thing that I noticed, that I was actually a little disappointed in was my lack of time spent thinking about and discussing how I could utilize each thing in my classroom when I become a teacher. While I was writing, it always came to mind and I would think, but I do not think I successfully portrayed how important to me being a teacher is. I could have said a lot more about how each and every topic we wrote about effects my future classroom. Don’t get me wrong… I did mention it and discuss it a little bit, but it was just not to the extent that I thought. I am not really one hundred percent sure what this can be attributed to exactly. Mainly, I would have to say it is just because I always had so many thoughts about the topics that we read about and had so much going through my head that my fingers typing weren’t working as fast. That and the limit of blogs being four hundred-ish words long. I could have gone on forever and ever.

The other thing I noticed that was that my cooking choices for my independent learning project started off very basic and boring and they got more and more complex and fun as the weeks went on. This is an accomplishment for me. I was rarely cooking just for myself when I was doing my independent learning project, and I am a people pleaser, so at first I really wanted to just make things that I knew would be a hit and did not want to really step out of my comfort zone. However, it is quite obvious that I got over that fairly quickly. Not only did my choices get more and more fun, but I also ventured away from the recipe after awhile and started to do my own thing. I began taking out things I did not like and adding it my own concoction of spices and such that I thought would help.

From my independent learning project, I really learned so much. Not only did I learn to make more recipes, but I took away a lot that can be applied to more than just cooking. For example, I learned it is okay to step out of your comfort zone. It is okay to mess up because you can try again. There is no way to please absolutely everyone because everyone has different likes and dislikes, and if you try to please everyone, you will end up displeasing youself. So, you just need to do you.

When it comes to which blogs are worth revisiting… well… I would say all of them but all for different reasons. The Daily Create blog I made is something I would definitely revisit with my future students because The Daily Create Challenge is something that I would love to have my students do someday. All of mine could serve as an example and show them that there are no rights or wrongs and there is any way you can interpret it. It would also be good to revisit with them to show them that even teachers are uncomfortable with things, but that does not mean that we can not do it. And, the more that you step out of your comfort zone, the less things you will be uncomfortable doing. For example, the speaking daily creates were something I was really not fond of and were something I dreaded. But, as time went on, they became not a big deal for me to do.

For me as a teacher personally, I would like to revisit the blogs about passion based learning and all the ones about personal learning networks. They will be great reminders for me as a teacher because I might have so much going on that I forget to keep in touch with my personal learning network and I might need a refresher on how important and intriguing it would be to try passion based learning. Those kinds of blogs that I did would be something I would use for me personally and not share for anyone. They would just serve as little refreshers of things that should be important to a teacher.

My independent learning project blogs would also be fun to revisit and worth it if I wanted to remake one of those recipes because then I could see what worked and what did not work last time. Just in case I forget!

Last but not least, are all the Ted Talks blogs that I did. These I think are super important to revisit for more than just one reason. Ted Talks are something that I find so, so valuable. They are probably the most valuable thing that we spent time on this semester in this class. This is because everyone can take something different away from them. Ted Talks has professionals come in to talk about a vast area of subjects and so there is something for everything. The ones that we watched in this class really opened my eyes to so many things that I found important to me. So, I think these posts are the most worth revisiting. I can revisit them for myself as reminders of what is important and for some personal inspiration. I can revisit them to share with students to show them some issues and some solutions and new happenings in the world and give them inspiration. I can revisit them when contributing to my personal learning network, and I can revisit them with friends and family.

Blogging has definitely been a very positive experience for me. I’ve become a better typer. I have become more tech savvy and have learned a lot of new tools and tricks. I’ve learned to open up and be more blunt with my opinions. I have learned how to cook. I have learned countless amounts of things to help me be a better teacher. I have even learned to unlearn.


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